2019 Spring Concert - Music practice links

BC  2019 Spring Concert Song List
'Songs of Hope and Inspiration'

Braham’s Requiem – Movement 1-  Blessed Are They That Mourn

 -- CHORUS ---- (on YouTube) 

LINK-A German Requiem, Op. 45: I. Blessed Are They That Mourn

 --- PARTS -- (on Cyberbass) 

LINK-Movement 1 – Blessed Are They That Mourn  (Selig sind, die da Leid Tragen )

Brahm’s Requiem – Movement 4 – How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place

 ---  CHORUS ---  (on YouTube) 

LINK-How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place, from Requiem - Mormon Tabernacle Choir  ---- in English

--- PARTS --  (on cyberbass) 

LINK-Movement 4 – How Lovely is thy Dwelling Place (Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen) 

(all the links below are on YouTube)

Good News-Spiritual-arr. Dawson

 --- CHORUS ---

LINK-newVoices performs Ain'-a That Good News, arr. William L. Dawson
LINK-DSA Concert Choir 2011- Ain'-A That Good News! arr. William L. Dawson
LINK-St. Olaf Choir - Ain' - a That Good News
LINK-Ain'-a That Good News! (Arr. W. Dawson for Choir) (Live)

 --- PARTS ---

LINK-ALTO EMPHASIS Ain' a That Good News
LINK-BASS EMPHASIS Ain' a That Good News

Deep River-Spiritual-arr. Luboff

--- CHORUS ---

LINK-Mix - MSU Chorale: Deep River - arr. Norman Luboff

LINK-Deep River - arranged by Norman Luboff

Same Train-Spiritual-arr. Parker/Shaw 

--- CHORUS ---

LINK-Same Train arr. by Shaw/Parker
LINK-Same Train, Robert Shaw/Shaw Festival Singers

You’ll Never Walk Alone/Climb Every Mountain-arr. Hayes 

--- CHORUS ---

LINK-You'll Never Walk Alone (with Climb Ev'ry Mountain) - Arranged by Mark Hayes
LINK-You'll Never Walk Alone / Climb Every Mountain by Richard Rodgers arr. Mark Hayes

The Prayer-Foster-arr. Hayes

--- CHORUS ---

LINK-The Prayer by Carole Bayer Sager & David Foster arr. Mark Hayes

--- PARTS ---

LINK-The Prayer Soprano Track

LINK-The Prayer Alto Track

LINK-The Prayer Tenor Track

LINK-The Prayer Bass Track

Alleluia-Randall Thompson 

--- CHORUS ---

LINK-Alleluia - Randall Thompson (South Dakota State University Concert Choir

LINK-Alleluia - Randall Thompson

LINK-Randall Thompson - Alleluia

--- PARTS --- (just accompaniment)

LINK-Soprano Alleluia Randall Thompson

LINK-Alto Alleluia Randall Thompson

LINK-Tenor Alleluia Randall Thompson

LINK-Bass Alleluia Randall Thompson

--- PARTS --- (with synthetic voice)

LINK-Randall Thompson Alleluja part Sopranos

LINK-Randall Thompson Alleluja part Alto

LINK-Randall Thompson Alleluja partTenor

LINK-Randall Thompson alleluja part Bass

Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee (from Sister Act)-arr. Emerson

--- CHORUS ---

LINK-Joyful Joyful 

LINK-Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee

LINK-UCLan Chamber Choir - Joyful, Joyful (arr. Mervyn Warren)  (not our arrangement but check it out)


-- (audio files will be added for Steve’s arrangements below:) ---

Hope Medley
What a Wonderful World
Impossible Dream
Going Home-Dvorak-(From New World Symphony)


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